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Class Descriptions

All classes are open to all levels, unless otherwise noted. See the current Class Schedule for details on date, time and registration information.

Acro Jazz/Hip Hop
Thursday 3:30 pm ages 6-8
Thursday 4:30 pm ages 9-12
Instructor: DeAnna

Acro jazz/hip hop fuses traditional movements and steps of jazz with the rhythm and creativity of hip hop.  We incorporate basic acro skills such as handstands, cartwheels, and fundamentals of partnering. This class generally dances to upbeat and popular music, and incorporates technique, strength, and performance aspects of dance.  Jazz sneakers and leotards or form fitting tank tops, as well as athletic pants are highly recommended in this class.

African Dance
Monday 7 pm ages 13+
Instructor: Jenabah & Jaclyn

Let the beat of the drums move your body! This class incorporates basic stretches and strengthening within an improvisational warm up set to West African and Afro-Modern rhythms. Students will learn songs, rhythm, dances and culture as we embark on a journey of movement from the African diaspora. Focusing on the high energy and powerful nature of West African dance, this class will draw occasional influence from the rhythmic, yet fluid gestures of East Africa, the magic and beauty of
Afro-Cuban folkloric dances and the party life of Brazil. Class is accompanied by live musicians, to help students understand the communication between the drums and the dance. This class offers a rich taste of African
culture and provides an amazing, full body workout that you don’t want to miss. Get ready to sweat and have fun! All levels welcome! No shoes are

African/Bellydance for kids
Wednesday 4 pm ages 6-10
Instructor: Jenabah

Does your child have a bit of a wild side or carries the grace of a princess? In this class, students will have an opportunity to embody both of these personalities. African dance incorporates fun, fancy footwork with full body movements set to high energy drum rhythms from West Africa. Bellydance movements are danced to traditional dumbek rhythms while instilling grace, control and fluidity. Embrace these ancient art forms of dance while enhancing knowledge of music and culture in a setting that is fun for your child.

Thursday 5:30 pm ages 13+
Instructor: DeAnna

Contemporary dance utilizes the strong and controlled legwork of ballet, as well modern dance’s stress on the torso. Dancers focus on contract-release, floor work,  fall and recovery, and improvisational characteristics. Lyrical shoes and leotard or form fitting tank top are highly recommended for this class.

Hand Drumming
Tuesday 4 pm ages 7-12
Tuesday 7:30 pm ages 13+
Instructor: Sundance

Share in the excitement of rhythms from around the globe, by learning basic hand drumming techniques and exploring the concepts of poly rhythm. Harmonious repetition of natural rhythms creates healing energy and puts us in touch with ourselves and those surrounding us. Students will learn traditional world drum rhythms, as well as how to listen and improvise within the structure created. Drumming also helps to develop skills in teamwork, playing music, improvising within a structure, building a community, and expressing oneself.  Together we will create “original arrangements” of traditional rhythms for ensemble performances and recitals.  There is a never-ending journey of life and discovery through rhythm!

Hand Drumming for Kids (Inter/Adv) - YOUTH DRUM ENSEMBLE
Tuesday 5 pm ages 10-13
Instructor: Sundance

This Class is an invite only class, reserved for our young drummers who has attended several sessions of our Hand Drumming Classes. These students are considered our “Youth Drum Ensemble”. They will continue to learn West African rhythms and arrangements while strengthening their skills. Students will be challenged to play for longer periods at a time and begin to play
solos, breaks, more intricate figures and a variety of other drums. Students will have several opportunities of playing and performing within the community.

Highland Hustle
Thursday 6:30 pm ages 13+
Instructor: Jessica

Think Scottish Highland dancing, add to that the odd ceilidh step set to funky, up-beat music, then you get the picture. It builds gradually so you can find a pace that is right for you. Low impact or go for it with high intensity – your choice! Plus there’s some exercises for toning your wobbly bits too. It’s unique and fun, but more importantly....it works!

Tribal Style Bellydance
(What is it?)
Tribal Style belly dance is a modern and Western phenomenon. It takes the movements of Middle Eastern dance and combines them with movements, posture and aesthetics of other ethnic dance forms, such as North African dance, Flamenco and Classical Indian dance. It also has a unique costuming style using rich and heavy textiles, tribal jewelry, metal adornments and many layers of clothing. The costuming does not aim to reproduce any given genuine tribal group, but instead conforms to Western notions of ethnic fantasy using a range of different elements from many areas to create a look that is overall cohesive and unusual. Performed as a “tribe” using synchronized group improvisation, each group develops its own vocabulary of controlled, earthy, and mesmerizing movements and cues, allowing a “follow the leader” format. Dancers will learn to communicate through body language and will develop awareness of dance partners at all times. Women are attracted to this form of dance due to its femininity, beauty and grace, and find that it is a great workout and a fun way to stay in shape. Appropriate dress includes yoga pants, short top, tank top or leotard (wear something comfortable that conforms to your body so you can see yourself move).

Tribal Roots Bellydance (Beg/Inter)
Wednesday 7:30 pm ages 13+
Instructor: Cheri

This class is intended for someone just beginning to learn about
tribal style belly dance as well as the seasoned dancer who has attended previous sessions. This class will begin with a gentle warm up that includes, stretches, strengthening and postural drills, followed by basic movements, combos and cues as well as vocabulary and technique. In each class, students will have an opportunity to practice the concepts of Tribal Style belly dance through group improvisation. In addition, we will begin to work on more intricate movements utilizing layering of isolations, turns, spins, drops and floor work. This is a great class for new Tribal belly dancers, as well as for the dancer who wants to practice and review.

Tribal Roots Bellydance (Inter/Adv)
Thursday 7:30 pm ages 13+
Instructor: Cheri/Jenabah

This class is designed for the dancer who has attended any of Tree of Life’s beginning tribal fusion classes for at least 9 months and has been recommended to excel by any of our tribal instructors. We will continue to practice our basic movements, combos, cues and vocabulary as we add more spice to our movements by layering, isolations and drilling turns and spins. Zills may be used from time to time and knee pads are recommended for the occasional floor work.

Saturday 10 am ages 13+
Instructor: Jenabah

Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin and world rhythms into easy to follow moves that create a dynamic fitness class. The routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got Zumba. No street shoes please, jazz sneakers or bare feet are recommended. All levels of experience are welcome!