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Thank you for your interest in our ensemble. We are delighted to share the fine art of World Drum and Dance. Below is our list of fees, and what we are able to provide within each price range. We hope to fill the goals of each institution's curriculum, but if you do not see a combination that works for you, please do not hesitate to contact the studio directly.

Local Performances (2 hours or less driving time)
Small Ensemble $595
Full Ensemble $1250 $1095*

Semi-­local Performances (2 to 4 hours driving time)
Small Ensemble $695
Full Ensemble $1450 $1295*

Semi-­‐local performances are subject to additional transportation expenses. Travel, lodging and expense fees are not included in the above costs, as they vary by contract. Performance fees will be negotiated if driving time is greater than four hours.

*Due to our challenging economy, we have temporarily lowered our fees.

Our performances are generally 45 to 60 minutes in length. Longer shows are possible for an additional fee. In most cases, we are happy to offer an additional performance at a 50% discount provided it is scheduled for the same day, location and reasonably close in time to the first show.

We also offer solo performances, as well as drumming and dancing workshops.

Local Workshop by Solo Artist (drum or dance class only)
Solo Artist (workshop-­‐style class with lecture, folklore, etc.):
$200 for one hour and +$100 each add. hour
$100 per each additional drummer for a dance class

Please enjoy our promotional video, which provides a clear vision of what we offer!

A 50% deposit is required to secure the requested performance date. If an event is cancelled within 30 days, half of the security deposit will be returned. If event is cancelled with 48 hours or less notice, Tree of Life will retain the entire security deposit.

To inquire about booking TLDDS for your event email... info@treeoflifestudio.org



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